We offer custom packaging, 2-D QR code label printing, roast customization, and more with fast turn-around times. Choose from the world’s top 2% of coffee cultivated globally from our collection. Our coffee is delivered fresh; always at peak for brewing! 

We Have A Great Program For Your Team

We are a licensed fundraising company through the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office. We offer full support, marketing, and solicitation filings for your fundraising team.

Tired of buying wrapping paper and paying ridiculous prices for a box of chocolate to support your nephew’s middle school band? Finally, a fundraising product that everyone will enjoy!

We have lighting turnaround times from print to production; we won’t keep your supporters waiting!

South Carolina Secretary of State

Fundraising ID: f46659373


Coffee is Trending

Did you know coffee is the second highest traded commodity in the world? Coffee combined is estimated to be valued a forty billion dollar industry, annually.

Over 82% of Americans drink coffee every single morning. We don’t think you’ll have a hard time selling our coffees. 

Sourced through direct-trade, we are the #1 choice for Local – Fresh – Exotic – Single Origin – 100% Arabica – Hand Selected – Artisan Roasted – Whole Beans – Specialty Graded Coffees from around the globe.

Soaring Profits

With our fundraising program, you can make some serious dough.

For example, if you have 100 participants and they each sell 50 bags of coffee, your program could net upwards of $20,000.00 in fundraising funds. The best part is, coffee is exempt from tax!

If someone doesn’t drink coffee, it always makes the perfect gift. You can also ask retailers if they are willing to retail your bags and donate the proceeds back to your organization.

There are various selling options when it comes to fundraising. Our team will help you to identify the best options for your mission.


Bring Awareness to Your cause or organization

White Label Your Cause or Organiation

Why Stop After Your Campaigne?

Subscription Fundraising Options

Keep fundraising long after your fundraising campaign with continual subscriptions or termed subscriptions that pay on a monthly basis to your organization.

Subscriptions are on the rise and coffee subscriptions are not an over saturated market.

There are lots of advantages to subscribing to our coffee including membership discounts, coffee education, and behind-the-scenes access to the most exotic coffees from around the globe!


Fundraising with Early Goat taught our students so much about business, entrepeneurshp, team work, networking, and so much more! Everyone loves coffee! We had a great success and can't wait to do this again next year!

Trish Hassenburg - High School Chorus

Giving Back To Our Local Community

The Circle of Giving

Providing fundraising opportunities to our local community is a way for us to give back! We offer various platforms for selling including website placement.

Catalogs are a thing of the past when it comes to fundraising. With our QR codes, your supporters will have extended purchase options with our fundraising.

Premium Coffees

We provide you with the highest scored, most sought after coffees from around the globe. Promoting diversity within our brand,.


We promote participation, but it is not required for all of your participants to sell coffee. There are other opportunities within

Modern Sales

We use technology to power your sales. Extending your fundraiser beyond your hometown. Gain support from corporations or distance relatives; we have so many options available for your supporters.


We can provide drop shipping for your distant fundraising supporters at discount prices with 1-3 day guaranteed priority shipping

Health Conscious

We follow our coffees from soil-to-cup, offering mostly natural processed coffees in our collection.

QR Code

Our 2-D QR Code printing will expand your fundraising capabilities and allow your supporters to give in more ways than purchasing.

Payment Options

With our various gateways for payments, your supporters can choose how they want to pay.

Our Values

We uphold a valued chain of custody of our coffee that explores diversity, cultural awareness, and minority led businesses.

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